Air France and KLM fly more over the Iraq.

Air France and KLM fly all over Iraq for safety reasons, learned Tuesday from a spokeswoman, while Emirates is preparing to do so for fear of missiles after the destruction of a plane of the Malaysia Airlines over the Ukraine. The safety of our passengers and our crews is our priority. We therefore stopped the overview of the Iraq and, since Friday, explained this abordé group, number 2 European spokesman, confirming press reports. Until last week, no overview only covered certain areas of the country. The president of Emirates had indicated in the Times Monday that within a week to ten days, the company would begin to bypass Iraqi airspace, which is on the most direct route between Dubai and Europe. These decisions involved while a Boeing 777 aircraft with 298 people on board flight MH17 of the Malaysia Airlines between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, was shot by a missile on July 17 in the East of the Ukraine, in an area controlled by rebels backed by Moscow. The companies fear a similar disaster in the Iraqi sky. The Iraq is embroiled in a lightning offensive by Sunni insurgents led by the jihadists of the Islamic State, which control since June of swathes of the territory. According to the Times, the United States investigate to find out if these Islamist fighters purchased in Syria of missiles capable to shoot down a civilian aircraft in cruise. . You can check the following homepage to discover more on this great topic.

The fear of the Ebola virus is as contagious as the epidemic.

"It is the first time that it happens to us," says Marc Poncin, the Coordinator of emergency in Guinea for doctors without borders, the New York Times. "Do we not trust. We do not manage to stop the epidemic. According to the world Organization of health, the Ebola virus is 613 mortsen Guinea, Libya and Sierra Leone, what panic villagers. "People say that when the doctor examines you, they take you to the hospital and one will ever see you", explains a young shopkeeper in everyday American life. Terror has taken over the top and the villages to barricade external aid. Local communities think of doctors from outside bringing the virus with them, or want to exterminate the sick. They see their friends and their families enter under the tents of MSF, but there are few who emerge. It there, for the moment, no vaccine to prevent or cure of Ebola, where the number of dead as high. The epidemic spreads easily and through physical contact quickly, and even with the precautions taken by the medical staff (burn clothing after treating a patient), two American doctors have tested positive for the virus, and a physician Libyan died Sunday. Faced with fever, muscle aches, and diarrhoea, doctors find themselves helpless, and somehow try to keep hydrated patients. But on 85 new cases reported since its last five days, 68 died. . Main data could be found checking this homepage.

Stock market, weak Europe with U.s. data. Milano -0.59% with banking and Mediaset.

Milan, 28 Jul. (Adnkronos)-Day countered for the major European lists suffer from the geopolitical tensions and disappointing u.s. macroeconomic data on the real estate sector. Despite the sharp slowdown in the property sector, we believe that the Federal Reserve will continue with its plan of exit strategies. We believe that the figures on the real estate sector may, however, prevent an acceleration in change of course in monetary policy by the Central Bank of the country stars and stripes, acceleration already requested by several members of the Fed’s operating Committee, explain the experts of Ig. And in a week full of economic appointments, the first session closes with Milan that flexes of 0.59 percent to 20. 939 points, whereas the differential between ten-year Btp and German bunds down at an altitude of 152 with a yield of 2.67 percent. Red also Frankfurt and Zurich -0.48% -0.48%, cali less incurred in Madrid and Brussels -0.08% -0.15%, flat London indices -0.05% and -0.04%, Amsterdam in contrast Paris +0.33% and +0.29% Lisbon. A Piazza Affari, in spite of a good data on business confidence, prevails the minus sign. Black Jersey for Mediobanca, which leaves on the ground the 3.52%, strong sales over the rest of Ubi banca banking -2.52%, -1.96%, Banco Popolare Bpm -1.91%, -1.87% Mps, Bto -1.60%, -0.78%, Intesa Sanpaolo and Unicredit -0.33%. Bad even Finmeccanica -2.50% and -2.70% Mediaset. Among the titles rising Yoox +1.76%, +0.84%, Ferragamo Prysmian +0.69% and +0.62% Luxottica. . For extended data regarding this matter check

Company: UBS pays record buses in the tax dispute.

So, the Internet radio service that is first introduced in the United States in coming to Europe unradio with the launch in France. Latin America is a further focus region as Europe Chief Thorsten Schliesche said. Also are the heavyweights of the Internet industry in the business. So Apple bought the headphones company beats belongs a streaming service. Amazon launched an offer for Prime users, and Google is working on a subscription service on the basis of the video platform YouTube. The business of streaming from the Internet now also comes in Germany in swing. In the first half of the year, sales of 57.4 million euros in the previous year have almost doubled, the Federal Association of music industry (BVMI) had reported in early July. A total 18 million people in Germany used services such as Spotify, Deezer, Juke or Soundcloud as a survey on behalf of the IT industry association BITKOM. Thus the number of users in the comparison have to 2013 tripled. . For extended information on this matter check

The Observatory against Islamophobia requires the dissolution of the JDL.

The Observatory against Islamophobia, a component of the french Council of the Muslim faith (CFCM) calls the dissolution pure and simple of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), denouncing a "association extremist, racist and who practice violence." "The JDL is prohibited in Israel and the United States, it creates a lot of problems, practice the attack,," But Governments do not denounce it forcefully,"regrets the president of the Observatory, Abdallah Zekri, for whom there are"two weights, two measures. " "I demand its dissolution", added the Muslim leader, adding that "organizations that practice violence, wherever they come from, should be dissolved. The JDL is again under fire from critics since some of its members violently clashed with pro-Palestinian activists on 13 July near the synagogue in the rue de la Roquette in Paris. On the other hand, the movement is an offshoot of the Jewish Defense League, a group called the "terrorist group" by the FBI in 2001 and banned in several countries, including in Israel. Recently asked about the JDL, Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, had himself found this organization ‘in excess’, "in acts which can be objectionable and which must be condemned. In parallel, the leader of the CFCM expressed his "indignation" after "racist and Nazi inscriptions" were identified according to him this weekend, at the end of ramadan, on two Muslim places of worship, a mosque in Clermont-Ferrand and a building housing a prayer to La Charité-sur-Loire (nièvre) room. . You should read this site to discover more about this great matter.

Gaza: a new carnage so that a tacit truce was observed.

Seven Palestinian children were killed today by an Israeli strike on a Gaza City refugee camp.  The Israeli bombardment has taken a group of children who were playing on a playground in the Chatti refugee Beach camp, said a doctor of the Shifa Hospital where the bodies were brought. There is little time, the Shifa hospital and the Chatti refugee camp have been affected by attacks in the rocket missed them by terrorists Gaza, said an Israeli military statement in addition, at least four civilians were killed Monday in Israel when a mortar fired from the Gaza Strip shell fell close to the border, in the Eshkol region (South), Israeli military radio announced. A fragile truce between Israel and Hamas has been tarnished today by deadly sporadic violence in Gaza, the first day of the Muslim feast of Fitr despite the calls of the United Nations and the United States to a sustainable cease-fire. The offensive balance is close to 1040 dead Palestinians in three weeks, according to the local rescue. Some 50 Israelis (soldiers and civilians) were killed. Facing the heavy toll paid by Palestinian civilians in this conflict that devastated the Gaza Strip, where 1.8 million inhabitants often very young are crammed into poverty, the international community has stepped up pressure on Israel. Holland, Obama, Merkel, Cameron and Renzi want to increase the pressure for a ceasefire. US president Barack Obama is personally stepped into the breach to claim a judgment of the war unleashed by the offensive to destroy the military capabilities of the Islamist movement Hamas in power in Gaza.  Barack Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to insist on the strategic imperative to establish an immediate humanitarian ceasefire and unconditional that puts an end to the fighting and lead to a permanent cessation of hostilities. New York, 15 countries members of the UN Security Council, meeting in emergency, were also expressed in a unanimous statement their strong support for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire and without conditions. . For additional information on this subject read

The EU freely opens its markets to products from Cameroon.

The EU will give early August free access to its markets for products originating in Cameroon within the framework of an agreement of economic partnership, announced Monday the European Commission. L? economic partnership with Cameroon agreement opens a new era in relations between l?EU and l?Central Africa, said the the Trade Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, in a statement. The agreement provides for the duty free of duty and quota-free market access of EU exports from Cameroon says the European Commission. For its part, Cameroon will gradually open its market to European exports on a transitional period until 2023, adds l? Brussels Executive. This opening will be except d? a number of products to ensure the protection of its agricultural markets and industrial qu? it considers to be sensitive, says the Commission. The agreement was concluded in 2007, signed by the EU and Cameroon in January 2009, approved by the European Parliament in 2013 and ratified by Cameroon on 25 July. It will enter into force on 4 August, says the European Commission. This agreement is open to other countries in the region (Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sao Tome y Principe, Chad) who would like to join, ensures the European Commission. . Related information can be found checking blog.

Eid al-Fitr is a time of celebration and reconciliation for Muslims.

MATHIEU GUIDERE – This is a very family party. Muslims were visiting from House to House during the three days that last Eid. They start with great parents, and aunts and uncles, the cousins,. Children put their finest clothes and range from doors in doors to wish "Eid Mubarak" (good day) in their neighbourhood. In the countries of North African tradition, given the aidiya, a small amount of money that does not exceed 5 to 10 cents of dirham. At the end of the three days, they can bring something like 20 euros with which they will be able to buy toys. In the Middle East, children receive rather cakes such as Baklava or the surfeit. It rewards the children after a month of efforts. There is more and more a split between two categories of Muslims. There is a very secular fringe who fasts, but without calling into question the traditions. These are usually senior executives of the third generation. Another segment of the population is more in a practical identity. Ramadan is the last hint of "Islamic" in France for Muslims, as may is wearing the veil or eat halal. But when the Eid el-Fitr, the tensions that there could be between those who have fasted and others fall. In General, this feast is a time dedicated to peace and reconciliation. Do ramadan, wearing the veil or consume halal are increasingly the only indicators of ‘Islamic ‘. But when the Aid, there is a true communion between practitioner and non-pratiquant. . Inspirational facts may be studied clicking this

Psychotherapy: How sleep deprivation distributes the depression.

What happens if you put a person with depression with eyes closed in a quiet room, where there was nothing with which he could deal with? He is tired, he falls asleep, or he’s doing time unimpressed? The answer stunned: Healthy subjects doze off sometimes in the situation. A person with depression is in this situation but not even dösig, says the psychiatrist Ulrich Hegerl, head of the clinic and Polyclinic for Psychiatry and psychotherapy of the University of Leipzig and Chairman of the Foundation German depression help. In three studies, Hegerl and colleagues have observed differences in the brain waves of healthy, manic and depressive subjects. Their findings: In a boring environment people with a mania, so a strong increase driven by, fall asleep faster as healthy. Depressed patients have difficulty in finding sleep. You would not even yawn, Hegerl reported. Only after they were treated with antidepressants, patients report to him usually surprised by sudden yawning orgies. Hegerl and his colleagues are working on a new form of awake therapy that could be sustainable and can be implemented more easily at home: the mild sleep restriction. Patients must this watch by not nights, but simply avoid too long to sleep, so later go to bed and get up earlier. Perhaps that is sufficient to restore the balance in the brain. The method in current studies actually proves itself successful, patients could prevent future alone in front of a new low – or to help out. . Inspirational data can be found reading this info.

Eastern Ukraine: Government troops stormed towns in MH17 crash site.

The Ukrainian army stormed several cities around the crash site of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 according to own statements on Monday. The troops had penetrated into the towns Schachtarsk and gate and battles fought with pro-Russian separatists overlooking "a perfect release" another towns, said the press service for the military operation in the East of the country in a statement. A Boeing 777 of Malaysia crashed airlines on July 17 with 298 people on board in the Eastern Ukraine, Kiev and the separatists accused each other, having shot down the machine. Western experts have meanwhile further access to the crash site. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow said Monday in Moscow, the international group of unarmed police could not be brought to the debris field, because there Ukrainian tanks were driven. A Dutch Australian team trying for days to get to the crash site. Because of fighting in the region police officers had can not go on Sunday. More fierce battles were reported during the night. Important pieces of evidence could be lost if the fighting in the region would continue, the Deputy Chairman of the Australian Commission for national security, Andrew Colvin warned. Lavrov expressed the hope that the investigation to clarify the cause of the crash were objective and would abide by the commandment of the presumption of innocence. The investigator team was broken in the morning from the separatist stronghold of Donetsk, as a reporter for the news agency AFP reported. On Sunday, investigators had to cancel a planned exploration of the accident location due to ongoing battles for security reasons. The crash site is located approximately 60 kilometres east of Donetsk. The Deputy Chief of the Australian Federal Police, Andrew Colvin, had warned before attempting further on Monday on Australian television before that the usage in the face of the fighting between army and rebels in the region could further delay. Colvin insisted that the Australian police officers were unarmed and were limited to the investigations on the spot. The Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, said Sunday upon arrival in Kiev, no steps would be taken, which could put investigators in danger. Malaysia’s diplomats negotiate according to own statements about a truce between the Ukrainian Government and pro-Russian militias. You want to achieve aircraft in the Eastern Ukraine secure access for investigators to the crash area of the Malaysia Airlines thus. "The negotiations continue", said the head of the Malaysian investigation team, Khairil Hilmi Mokhtar, the State News Agency Bernama on Monday. Malaysia had already negotiated the transfer of the black box with the rebels. The Malaysian calculate better opportunities as Western diplomats at the rebels, because they have avoided any blame. Prime Minister Najib Razak wants to fly this Wednesday even to Europe, first in the Netherlands. Rebels had promised free access to the crash site for the Dutch and Australian police on him on Sunday. But first, fierce tank battles in the region prevented that. At the alleged firing of Boeing 777 of the Malaysia Airlines people came on July 17 to July 17, 298, including 193 Dutch and 28 Australian. The Government in Kiev and Western countries accuse the pro-Russian separatists to have shot down flight MH17 with a ground-to air missile. On the occasion of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, Razak recalled the victims of the crash. He pressures the bereaved his "Great sorrow, deep sympathy and heartfelt condolences", Najib said in a televised speech on Sunday evening. 43 passengers and crew members from Malaysia arrived at the crash. . For extra information regarding this matter click website.