The route of an American jihadist killed in Syria.

In another life, the fierce fighting of the EIS passion for rap and basketball. Born in Chicago, raised in the small town of New Hope, a leafy suburb of Minneapolis, the young Douglas laugh his class mates who remember a "clown" and went with her mother on Sunday at the Baptist Church. When the State Department called him Monday, it collapsed: "I can’t believe it, this was not a radical," says his cousin Kanyata McCain at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "I received a message from him again Friday. He told us all that he was in Turkey. "Since 24 hours, US media dissect the course without relief of their young compatriot, seeking when he was able to swerve. Her father died. Douglas left school without a diploma, trolling here and there, was arrested nine times for minor offences: driving without a licence, possession of marijuana,. In 2004, he converted to islam and befriended with Troy Kastigar, a former class buddy who died in 2009 in Somalia, while he was fighting with the terrorist group al-Chandrashekar. No closer, however, can detect signs of radicalization. In recent years, Douglas was settled, with her mother and one of his sisters, in San Diego, California, where he worked as an assistant medical. He would have even a girl, says one of his cousins, a barely a year-old baby. "People are wrong, can rest assured Kanyata. How can we know that he was really part of the EIS? It was perhaps simply there to protest,. ". Messages posted on social networks by one who was calling, since his conversion, "Duale ThaSlaveofallah» (the slave of Allah), leave yet much doubts. "They amuse me, those who call themselves Muslims and claim to love Allah, but curse those who try to implement its laws", he wrote on Twitter. His last retweet, in June, is even clearer: "only a warrior can understand a warrior. Pray for the EIS. "In recent months, he would have travelled in Sweden and Canada, probably to blur his tracks, before joining the Syria crossing the Turkish border. Was he alone? The question haunts not only opinion but the US authorities. The National Security Council (NSC) merely a short release: "we were aware of the presence in Syria of the US citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain and we can confirm his death. "According to the State Department, about 12. 000 foreign Jihadists went in Syria since the beginning of the conflict, among them 70 to 100 Americans. But no network recruitment has been identified and it is very difficult "to know what group they join", warned yesterday on CNN the former vice-president of the commission on the attacks of September 11, the Democrat Lee Hamilton. "There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of rebel or terrorist groups in the region." For the Administration, their eventual return poses a real threat, several experts tempered by anxieties. "They don’t get on the spot as a basic trainer, which does not prepare them to conduct attacks outside, considers Faysal Itani, specialist in counter-terrorism at the Atlantic Council. Most have joined the Syria by inspiration for what is happening,. They want to stay in the conflict. » . Original data may be studied reading this

Bari, seized at the airport stolen jewellery and accessories directed abroad.

Bari, 27 Aug. (Adnkronos)-a large quantity of precious objects in gold and silver accessories, designer clothing, computers and mobile phones of illicit origin were seized at the airport of Bari by servicemen of the Guardia di Finanza, in collaboration with the customs officials and border police personnel. All objects, probably coming from theft perpetrated in the House, were discovered inside a suitcase, in the course of routine inspections carried out for passengers and checked baggage on a flight to Tbilisi (Georgia) via Roma-Fiumicino. The suitcase was a 35 year-old Georgian living in Bari, who, when faced with questions of the military, has not managed to provide any valid justification on their provenance. Therefore it was reported to the judicial authorities for handling. Just a few days ago at the same airport, it was reported to the Judicial authorities a young man 21 years, also based in Bari, Georgian for foreign tobacco smuggling. The girl, in fact, casually, it was presented at the Lost and Found Office ‘ Alitalia ‘ to retrieve two lost luggage on the flight from Tbilisi (Georgia) via Roma-Fiumicino. In the course of the inspection were found, in collaboration with the customs officials and monopolies, ben 160 cartons of contraband cigarettes, for a total weight of 32 kg. . You should visit this to discover extra about this amazing subject.

Rugby: by the Wiesnzelt at the Olympic Stadium.

The idea to use the October Festival to attract viewers in the stadium, is not new. The Munich Rugby Football Club on the Middle weekend of Oktoberfest for the 36th time the Oktoberfest Sevens tournament aligns, the biggest Rugby tournament in southern Germany. The event with about 500 spectators is internationally. 24 men and eight women teams from countries such as the United States and Australia will take part in the one-day event in the sports facilities of the MRFC. A British Army team that consisted almost entirely of Fijians won in the previous year. We want to build on the successful structures of the Oktoberfest tournament with Munich 7′s, says Association spokesman Matthias rabbit, which is one of the strongest the Bavarian Rugby Association with 27 clubs in Germany. Only everything will of course much larger. Also the competition of Munich is great. For the season by 2015/16, the IRB has received applications from every continent. In Europe from England – where London already a tournament series takes place in the Seven World-, Scotland – represented so far with Glasgow-, France and the Netherlands. Thus, there are so many candidates as never to set the alignment of the Sevens rugby series. This reflects the prestige of the sport as well as to return at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio to expand this Rugby-variant, says our tremendous efforts, the Chairman of the IRB, Bernhard Lapasset. Twice already the DRV, which counts nearly 14 000 members in 125 clubs, hosted the European Championship in Hanover (2008, 2009). A tournament of the Sevens World Series would still have a special significance. For the series, which previously held in nine cities around the world and now should be expanded, is one of the highlights of the rugby. 16 teams participate. They come mainly from Nations such as New Zealand, South Africa and Fiji. There, the quick, run-intensive version of Rugby Union with seven rather than 15 players stand on the square and the game time is only two times seven minutes considered popular sports. During the IRB World Series 2013/14 569 262 fans have seen the games in the stadiums. This corresponded to an average of 31 000 viewers in the 18 matchdays of the nine tournaments. In September, the Association in Munich expects a delegation of the IRB to introduce the game site. During this period also, decides whether the German team at the European Grand Prix series was so successful, that it qualifies for the first time to take part in the world series. The alignment of the tournament would be a first for the Olympic Stadium. We would be very pleased if we could have this fascinating sport for the first time in our guest, says Ralph Huber, Managing Director of the OLYMPIAPARK München GmbH. Because Rugby 2016 Olympic, the Olympic stadium would of course be the perfect venue. . You must read this hyperlink to learn extra about this great topic.

Bavaria newcomer: Benatia was too poor for Freiburg.

Once in Freiburg spurns – now as expensive as yet not a skilled defender in the Bundesliga. Mehdi Benatia to organize detachment in the title hunt in Germany and Europe the Defense FC Bayern for at least 26 million euros. For coach PEP Guardiola, the Club bosses such as in the previous year at midfield Thiago Alcantara attacked deep in the Pocket. "Mr Guardiola wanted me", said the 27-year-old on Wednesday, "Sport1". It was "a dream" to be part of the Bayern squad. Five years and four seasons in the Italian Serie a. seems later it more give hardly a benchmark, on the Benatia does not match. In his only year with runners-up AS Roma, the Moroccans established himself as one of the best defensive players in the League. "He is strong, he’s big, he’s fast", the former Bayern striker Luca Toni made it. "He is always in perfect position and is tactically smart," Toni "Sports figure" said on Wednesday. . Similar info can be found reading source.

Phil grace and Jeff Hakman: Forgotten surf revolutionaries.

Phil Grace and Jeff Hakman bend the surfboard and aim for the back of the edge. Whether Phil has polished enough already? If the rear end is narrower, the ride on the shaft will be faster and the surfboard is also large waves stable in the water. Jeff is 66 years old, a friendly American, warm eyes. He paddele like in the big waves, but would like to have at the same time agile it, especially for a wave in Guéthary Bay South of Biarritz. That’s why he comes to Phil, an old friend, Australian, also 66. Phil is one of the best Surfboardshaper of the world. He works in the factory "Euroglass", it is a few kilometres from the beach, in the industrial area of Hossegor. In the small town on the French Atlantic coast, the heart of European surf scene. From the promenade on the beach breaks in the late autumn of "La North", the famous wave. No one in Europe is so hard to surf, collapses with such force behind the surfers. The wave has made known to Hossegor. Phil also came because of her. For 25 years, he spent every summer in France, in winter, he goes back to Australia. Two more Australian shapers are working in the factory. In the year, Phil produced about 250 surfboards. Each Board that he is ready, wearing his signature: "Grace". There is a modern grinding machine. It makes the rough. Phil, with grindstone, saw, sandpaper will do the rest. Jeff was one of the first foreigners who surfed the wave in Hossegor. in 1971, the Americans from Hawaii made a tour of Europe and landed in Hossegor. He was one of the best surfers in the world. No one drove the new, dynamic style so perfectly as he. He was one of the leaders of the revolution of surfing in the development of large long boards to small agile boards. The modern surfing emerged as were Phil and Jeff teenager. You could say the three, Phil, Jeff and surfing – grew up together. Two men who have experienced how the modern surfing was born, how it has grown into a professional sport. But also, as it was a marketing strategy. Jeff has won the largest surf competition in Hawaii at 17, he was professional for several years and founded with his friend Bob McKnight Quiksilver United States in 1976. He made millions and lost it again. Heroin addict he resigned from the company, began a new life in Australia, again in a small surf shop. Friends, 1984, called him to Europe, he was co-founder of Quiksilver Europe. After a relapse into addiction, he began in a detox clinic in England. Phil, the shaper was born in Toora, a small village in South-Eastern of Australia, in 1948. At the age of 13 he started to surf. When he tells about the places where he spent his youth, he describes in particular the waves, who broke. "The waves were big, as we were driving along the Southern Ocean. Get the ocean currents there. "Phil spends there still the European winter. The way of life of surfing was created in the 1960s. They lived as a surfer, but she could not live. There were still no professional scene. 1965 Phil began to repair surfboards. in 1967, he painted boards at a factory in Melbourne, Australia, in 1969, he formed his first Board there. With his colleagues he travelled after the summer in Australia. . For additional information about this subject visit website.

Social networks: place ergo sum. In other words, transgression is more beautiful if shared.

Ten years ago, on vacation in Salento, I found myself in the awkward situation of having to stop a couple of pairs (in two different locations!) occupied in that they usually do in the bedroom. "Kill that aria," I said to myself, feeling a bit like the Lady of the film when Harry met Sally when orders the waiter "what took Miss" referring to fake orgasm from Meg Ryan. Those two episodes I have returned to my mind these days, reading the Chronicles from Puglia, and, in particular, the news about the couple caught making oral sex on a beach in Gallipoli; news that sparked the outrage of residents, already struggling with other turismotrash phenomena. It’s a few days ago the protest of the people of Barcelona after the last case of tourism "funny", this time by two Italians, resumed running naked on the street.  You might close the circle with episodes of balconing, risky stunt in which the boys, plunge into the pool from the window of their hotel room. In every age the kids are gone in camporella, well aware of the risks of getting caught. Equally you have always made the blustering, stupid behavior, from clowns to laugh your friends maybe on Saturday night, when you don’t want to know about going to bed. The attractiveness of a public success, in the form of likes or shares, raise the stakes and move the bar of what is permitted, tolerated, a bit more in there.  And then there is more sex outdoors and secluded, but on the beach in August; It is not the Souvenir d’Italie to my friends, but the parade naked through the streets of the city. No, the guys are human beings and as such have not changed.  The role has changed, the sense of self within the whole. In 1985, to raise money (he collected 150 million pounds) and raise awareness on the famine in Ethiopia, Bob Geldof organized Live Aid, a double concert at Wembley and New York via satellite, seen by more than two billion people, with performances that remain memorable goodies today in the history of rock. . Main data may be read reading this homepage.

The Iraq refugees: we all belong together.

Yes, the supply situation is much worse than for example in Erbil. There is little electricity and is hot over 40 degrees in the shade. Three Kurdish settlements in Syria which have no connection with each other are affected. Because in between sit IS militias, you must use a secure border crossing so always from Turkey. The people included here twice: from the South from central Syria by the attacks of the IS militias from the North through a restrictive border policies of Turkey, which has the character of an embargo. The Syrian Kurds really stand with their backs to the wall, but so far have been ignored by the Federal Government. This fight IS not only for years against, but help also refugees. These include many Sunni Arabs, who no longer hold terror IS. In Qamisli on the Syrian Turkish border there are now large billboards, where a mosque and a church are pictured. Including the sentence is: we all belong together. . For extra facts on this subject check blog.

The Fukushima disaster much more expensive than expected.

The Fukushima Atomic accident will cost at least roughly double what the Japanese Government had estimated, said a University study found Wednesday by AFP. Kenichi Oshima, Professor of environmental economics at Ritsumeikan University, calculated at least 11. 082 trillion yen (80 billion euros) the monies to pay to repair the damage from the massive earthquake that occurred in the northeast of the archipelago in March 2011. It is the result of calculations obtained from the information available to us in June, but this will still increase: therefore, 11. trillion is the minimum threshold, warned Mr. Oshima. The Japanese Government had for his part estimated at 5. 800 billion yen the money needed to cover the consequences of this disaster which has had a considerable impact on the region and its inhabitants. According to the researcher, should almost be added 2. 200 billion yen (about 15 billion euros) that will be needed to bring into conformity the nuclear installations of the country following the revision of safety standards to avoid a second disaster elsewhere. These are indirect costs, so they are not in total, said Mr. Oshima. The amounts taken into account include compensation for evacuees or having lost their jobs because of the accident, either at the moment about 4. 980 billion yen, provided to the Manager Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) company by a specially created Fund to which contribute the State and power companies. These damages could however still double. The Fund also noted its ceiling to 9. trillion yen instead of 5. 000 billion. Also included are the costs of decontamination of the area around the Central and resulting waste storage, or 3. 540 billion. In addition 2. 168 billion of costs directly related to the management of the situation within the Atomic complex and ransacked reactors. The rest falls under other administrative expenditure relating to the accident. Mr. Oshima points also finger the fact that these costs will be based on citizens, as taxpayers if the State pays, or as users of power via the invoice issued by the company if she eventually repay the amounts advanced. According to him, the peculiarity of this type of accident is that the cost to the company increases over time and that it cannot expect it and to understand it in its entirety. . Similar information can be read clicking info.

Prince, purple rain droplets.

The d in which Prince decor his cheek with the word ‘slave’ (slave), began the war m s cruenta that jam s has distanced itself a m your compa to discogr sico fica. That Prince of the early of the I 90 is sat m s all of the good and evil after having conquered all the tops possible pop as art and as a business, promotive milestones as the musical ‘ Purple rain’ (1984), the double album ‘Sing ‘ O’ The Times’ (1987) and the soundtrack to the pel cula ‘Batman’ (1989) by Tim Burton. It demanded of its seal absolute support, the freedom to edit what came you in wins when l chooses to do so and, above all, the editorial control of the ‘masters’ of his previous albums, yet to today a money mine. And as he began the divorce. Nothing is known of the new material, which divided into two differentiated titles t: ‘ Art official age’ is t technically the new Prince as signature, below n ’20ten’ (2010), while ‘Plectrumelectrum’ allow to publicize his new band of support, 3rdEyeGirl – last for now in a lineage that goes back to names like The Revolution, The Time and The New Power Generation -a tr or the power of girls with which Prince thinks back to the language m raw s of their genes or funk. On the horizon, however, there is a n m s juicy business: editing commemorative 30 n to you of ‘ Purple rain’, a launch that will have to have been released this summer and that n not a confirmation there is official from Warner nor of Prince, still signed the initial agreement of reconciliaci n. The passage of time has been solidifying m s yet to the prestige of the album, the m s excessive and complex of all their own invoice. In July, coinciding with the anniversary, Prince is reencontr with its former showgirl and ‘partner’ in the pel cula which ‘ Purple rain’ was the base, Apollonia, in a few exclusive concerts in his Paisley Park complex. . For more facts on this topic visit

IS: Assad may be not an ally.

IS has stirred messed up almost all coalitions of the near and Middle East. Many of the rivalries for decades maintained and front lines have faded almost overnight. Iran, Russia and the United States coordinate now on Iraqi soil. The Kurds themselves were still never so United as it is today. In the Lebanon, Hezbollah and its pro-Western opponents fight side by side against the jihadists. The Centre of Middle Eastern Krebsgeschwulstes however, as US President Barack Obama put it, is in Syria. In the endless civil war, the mass murder of the Assad regime of its own people, the targeted promotion of the God Warrior barbarism, only because she served the own power. May be that possible Western air attacks in Syria to extend the existence of the Damascus regime, it may be that they speed up at the end of Assad’s fall. A but can’t in the Syrian tragedy happen, that Assad’s war subsequently awarded any legitimacy against its own population. . Root data may be studied reading the following resource.