Cocaine and escort: Cosimo Mele, Mayor in Puglia, not renunciation title of honorable and makes a move.

Cosimo Mele, now Mayor of Carovigno (Brindisi) proves to be still very much tied to the title that now belongs only to his political history. He has proven last March, when an internal communication has asked all employees of his town and explicit, in writing, in the outbound documents bearing his signature. The internal note and therefore not subject to publication recently ended in the hands of someone among those occupying the centre-right opposition benches in the municipality of Brindisi. Apples instead governs the city where born, by 2013, on top of a coalition made up of civic lists and with the support of the Democratic Party. He noted that, at the bottom of all acts announced after the March 26, the date on which the provisions of the first citizen entered into force, regularly registered, actually the words on there. to precede the name of apples. But pen is ticked to be cancelled. Actually Cosimo Mele Deputy pi not since his political career on the rise on the national scene was cut short by a wild night of late summer, spent in a suite at the hotel in via Veneto, Rome. The pass with an escort, Francesca Zenobi, who accus an illness and denounces the then Member for wrongful death and sale of cocaine. The first indictment fall. Apples now on trial for the second. While closed recently, just at the beginning of March, another question over in courtrooms in the capital: Francesca Zenobi and his Office were sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for an attempted extortion to the detriment of the current Mayor of Carovigno. Until you define the judicial aftermath, last remaining apples, apparently, never ceases to look to the past, perhaps even with some regret. In 2008 it was more a candidate from Udc policies nor from other parties. Later he tried to resurface politically as provincial councilor, favourites with Alliance of Center, missing just the enterprise. Again in 2010 the ride to a place of regional adviser with the South, also I try this failed. In the summer of 2013 the ransom, as he himself did final just became mayor. A year later, here is the internal communication to all employees, registered: from today all outbound documents signed by the Mayor, must contain the title of Mr. That title would not formally, but in deference to the practice of renovating it however also to former honoris causa. Title which clearly apples, nevertheless, quite fond of. Mr s State, but until 2008. Was not a candidate anymore, after closing badly with the Udc, because over the previous year in a red light: scandal. Original facts can be studied checking this

The dark horror of the blue room.

If it is spoken the least. Maybe even because of important and dramatic news there were many last week. And life-we know-is also made and selection of hierarchies. You can’t always talk about everything. You can’t give the same to the various news. I am the first to recognize it and to criticize the "everything" that is on the Internet, without any form of hierarchization and without filter. And consider that the role of newspapers is also to select the most important news. Yet I cannot return to the sad story of the young guests of Casa di Alice-socio educational rehabilitation center of Grottammare-that were released last week by the carabinieri of San Benedetto del Tronto. Autistic children stripped naked, beaten and kept seized in a "containment room". The horrible "blue room", of only 7 square metres, where relegate anyone showed violent behavior. Yet violence in these children and these guys, there was, as explained by the PM and by police at a news conference. So why enshrine them, terrorize them, deprive them of freedom? It is the umpteenth story of mistreatment of those flimsy, is often at the mercy of human malice, could comment on someone before we move on to the next news. Before digging in, despite the best of intentions, indifference. Not sure, though, that is the best way to change society and to prevent, in fact, incidents of this type of play. Because indifference can’t help but feed the indifference. And it’s just the constant denunciation and indignation that can allow us to change things. John Stuart Mill, explaining the nature and meaning of indignation-the father of political liberalism is what you feel when it is compared to the offenses and the wrongs-relates this moral sentiment with the need for justice. The same need for Justice that can be found in one of the most beautiful passages of Ecclesiastes. After finding how in the world is often the iniquities to triumph, it is with deep compassion for suffering that Qohelet exclaims: "I am put to consider all the oppressions that are committed under the Sun; and behold, I saw the tears of the oppressed, which do not have their consuls, and on the side of their oppressors violence, while those who do not have the consuls ‘ (Ecclesiastes, 1 4-3). That of Qohelet is a howl of pain that comes in front of the tears of the victims. A poetic lament that gives voice to those who, oppressed, the rumor seems to have lost. At the bottom is from here that you should start to understand the genesis of Justice. It is from here that you should allocate to combat indifference and prevent the most vulnerable continue to suffer violence or ill-treatment. There are things that should not happen. Things that you shouldn’t even think about. Yet happen. And to pay the consequences are always the same: those who cannot defend themselves. those who suffer; who is disabled. That’s why only one company capable of indignant in the face of all "blue rooms" that continue to be built would be "decent". Despite the tragedies that happen on a weekly basis are many. Despite the priorities can, for many, be others. Twitter: @MichelaMarzano. For more insights regarding this subject read source.

Collision between a minibus and a truck near Troyes: 6 killed including 5 children.

At least five children and an adult were killed and several people injured "in a serious accident from the road near Troyes (dawn) this Tuesday afternoon. ”  A collision occurred between a lorry and a minibus, according to the Prosecutor of the Republic de Troyes. Child victims were in the pickup truck with two facilitators of the youth service of the city of Nangis (Seine-et-Marne), according to the Flash is. The Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, and the Secretary of State for the transport Frédéric Cuvillier are expected on the spot. The accident occurred at 3 p.m. on the road 619, in the commune of Courteranges, 10 km southeast of Troyes, according to a statement from the prefecture of dawn which specifies that "first aid dispatched to the site of the accident. The youngest victims are from Nangis (Seine-et-Marne), according to our information. "Neither dawn prefecture, nor the Prosecutor of Troyes can communicate the names of the victims, so imagine the State of families who await it announces the death of their child or not. ” It’s terrible. » make moves Michel Billout, Mayor of Nangis. The other victim was the driver of the mini-bus which is municipal. The van belonged to the municipality that had made it available as part of an output hobbies with the municipal Department of youth to the Orient forest lakes.  A crisis unit is set up at the Town Hall and the chosen returns from his vacation. The ORSEC plan has been implemented and a public information cell has been activated in the prefecture of the Aube.  The road is cut between Courteranges and Saint-Parres – aux-tertres. A photo of the accident broadcast on the internet by the lightning is daily shows the wreckage of the minibus which the front was fully depressed. Late in the afternoon, the president of the Republic Francois Hollande expressed "great emotion" and its solidarity with the families. . Additional info can be read reading

Spanish Gamesa signs two contracts to the Brazil for wind turbines.

The Spanish group Gamesa, one of the world leaders in manufacturing of wind turbines, said on Tuesday won two contracts with a capacity of more than 200 megawatts to the Brazil, one of its key markets. The first contract with the ERC company, provides the supply, installation and marketing of 83 wind turbines with a total capacity of 166 megawatts, in the State of Bahia, according to a press release. The door second on 24 turbines, with a capacity of 48 megawatts, which will be put into service on behalf of Eletrosul electricity company in the South of the Brazil. The amount of the contracts is not specified. The Brazil is a priority market for Gamesa, said the group. Since the beginning of its activities in the country, it has signed contracts for a total of 2. 000 megawatts, or almost a quarter of the Park installed in France Spanish is also present in other countries of South America like the Mexico, the Honduras, the Uruguay and the Argentina. . For extra information on this matter click info.

On Sun 24 hours Tuesday, July 22.

Manufacturing at a crossroads. On the one hand, companies in difficulty, have recovered the ground lost during the long crisis. On the other hand the fact that still are struggling and are in danger of being overwhelmed by stagnation. To make a distinction between overwhelmed and saved is the ability to internationalize, patenting, to impose its own brand. The investigation of the Sun 24 Hours beginning Tuesday, July 22, emerges an Italy by two faces, a sort of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, applied to our economy. The investigation explores the State of health of the country’s leading sectors: from eyewear to aerospace, from food to textiles and clothing, through heavy industries such as steel or oil refineries. The goal is to understand, and tell, because no linear and structured development through the productive realities, because some go well and grow, while others go wrong, are struggling to find useful and, at worst, close. The first significant junction shines by Eurostat: Italian companies are exporting less than 90,000 out of a total of 425mila: the 21 per cent; This compared with a 12.9% French and a 26.8% German. Companies that export are a minority, not more than 20%, but produce more than 80% of value added and total turnover of Italian manufacture. . For additional about this topic read weblink.

Gaza: an NGO denounces the use by Israel of shells to darts.

If indeed, these shells are legal under international law, the use criteria are very strict. In particular the field, since it’s basically to reach fighters in wooded places, where vegetation is dense. And the people absent, as recalls B ‘ B’Tselem: other rules of humanitarian law makes it illegal to use in the Gaza Strip. One of the most basic principles is the obligation to distinguish between those who are involved in the fighting and those who are not, and to avoid the extent of possible harm to civilian populations. According to this principle, the use of an imprecise weapon likely to result in injury to civilians is prohibited. Israel is not in its first attempt. The Israeli army would have already used this method in 2009 during operation cast lead in Gaza. International Amnesty then denounced the use of shells darts which, in most cases, ends in death or mutilation. And for good reason: the surface covered by these shots is also close to the 300 m long and 90 m wide, according to the NGO B’ B’Tselem. For its part, the NGO Human Rights Watch had assured that these shells aimed regardless of civilian populations were evidence of war crimes. . For more on this matter visit info.

Smart and other small cars: the story of the Hare and the Hedgehog.

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche himself came on Wednesday night at the Tempodrom Berlin together with smart Chairwoman Annette Winkler smart for the world premiere on the stage to push the new. But before it was so far, Zetsche told the story of the Hare and the Hedgehog: the same as the Hedgehog was smart. "Always already there, before the others." The small two-seater consistently thought the idea of a town car to end first. And that 17 years ago. The sustainability is has always been an issue, quite apart from the small engines. In 1998, it had been downsizing, because you didn’t know the term yet. And Zetsche had more examples: since 2002 it is possible in the go smart online, and also with car-2-go, that service in the cities Smart cars (and others) easily can be rented, it was pioneer (pilot project 2008 in Ulm, in 26 cities worldwide). From the outset, he was understood smart not only as a car but as a kind of mobility concept, although the trees not in the sky grew. Also not for the E-smart, as for every E-car. Often was heard, the mark had no future. Cars that needed less space and resources are needed. The new smart will also not be larger, it remains at 2.70 meters (the very first generation 2.50 metres, however, was shortly), and also the technical concept of reason does not change: motor and drive back, two-part tailgate. The diesel you passed is already quite some time ago, on the market which comes smart in November with either a 1.0 liter three-cylinder and 71 HP or a 0.9 liter turbo – three-cylinder with 90 HP. A base version with a 60 HP will be pushed in a few months. The E-smart remains in its old form in the program, he is later converted to the new look with the small nose (one-and-a-half-box design). In the Interior, a new, fresher world with some echoes of the familiar expects the smart buyer. Because the smart maybe is the car that best suits the young generation who really don’t want to hear more from the car, the electronic "upgrade" can be not enough. A comprehensive Smartphone integration, known from the new Mercedes models, navigation with improved storage services and multimedia systems on the amount of time, as well as on the smart cut to apps are of course. In the basic version, own iPhone can serve inter alia as a Navigator and radio. Simply plug in the space provided, and off you go. Was and is the smart fortwo so far as well as unrivalled, must the smart forfour tough competition confront. Other manufacturers have also discovered that in the minicar segment automatically more must be master chef? The small car want to and should be attractive, they are entering the automobile life for many. Or they are used as a second car in the family. And they must be quietly a little more expensive and chic. The Fiat 500 is the best example. Although virtually unchanged since late 2007, he sold himself always still dazzling. In France, he comes in the first half of 2014 even on 15 974 approvals, here the Twingo is the number 1 with 21 542 sales, of course. The Citroën C1 is the number 3 with 6569 units. The segment of minicars, which currently accounts for 7.4 per cent of approvals in Germany by the sales figures produced (compared: upper middle class and upper class together 6.1 per cent), is not only due to the smart and also in the autumn starting Renault Twingo in movement. The Citroën C1, Peugeot 108 and the Toyota Aygo are also brand new. All three are built at a plant in the Czech Kolin and have the same base. In contrast to smart / Twingo is the layout but conventionally: motor and drive forward, not back. The triplets also rely on connectivity and modern colors and shapes. They differ more from one another than ever before (the trio had its premiere in 2006). The others are good old friends: VW up and syndicate members, Opel Adam, Hyundai i10. Even the old Ford Ka creates still 5000 sales in the half-year. The little ones right cars are attractive and in their own way: it can never be fortwo smart, he don’t want it but. But the rabbit then want, where the already is?. Extended facts can be inspected clicking website.

Jean-Claude Mailly (FO) denounces it “zig and the zag” by the president of the Medef.

Confirming the nickname of "bulldozer" as it is to the Medef, Pierre Gattaz played the Cassandras. Fifteen days after be pleased with the results of the "great social conference for employment", the president of Medef does not hesitate to say, in an interview with le Figaro, Monday, July 21, that "the economic situation in the country is catastrophic. Belying the optimistic words of François Holland on July 14, he said that "growth is not there. There is more investment and more hiring. I see especially among business leaders, it’s wait, of mistrust ". A year after his election to the Presidency of the Medef, Pierre Gattaz continues to blow hot and cold. Welcoming the Pact of responsibility, he ensures that he fights for its promotion. But, he adds, "the only Covenant is not enough to straighten the France" and "need a few years so that the unemployment drop". Announcing that he will present, at the Medef Summer University, end of August, "a dozen turbo for quickly generating employment measures", it expects the Government to say ‘clearly we are going to abandon as early as now 75% very high income tax. Incidentally, he calls "Mr. Mailly (FO) and Lepaon (CGT): do you want to create jobs? ” This, to get out of postures from another age and accept to Exchange, to confront proposals for solutions. And it reiterated its commitment "to promote dialogue at the enterprise level. This interview provoked an immediate reply from Jean-Claude Mailly. "Consider, as Mr. Gattaz, that growth does not starts while the responsibility/austerity pact has a recessive effect, wrote the Secretary-General FO in a statement to the canon, statement of the posture and the liberal dogma bordering on blindness. The zig and zag M. Gattaz lies between Thatcherism and Pierre poujade. "Jean-Claude Mailly, who had very good personal relations with Laurence Parisot is on bad terms with his successor. Their informal meetings were the scene of sharp clashes. «Smic, social thresholds, Sunday and night work, there is one thing that actually does not change: the confrontation of interests ", continues Mr. Mailly implicitly criticized Mr. Gattaz relight the class struggle. "It is also the reason why, adds it, M, Gattaz favours the negotiation of business in national bargaining characteristic of the Republican model. ‘ "It does not handle the Republic and democracy as a Société anonyme", he concludes. Social appointments planned in September appear stretched. . Extended information can be inspected reading

Bari: Dolphin beached in cala Torre a Mare, recovered the carcass.

Bari, 20 Jul. (Adnkronos)-it was recovered this morning the Dolphin beached in Cala Colombo, in the area of Torre a Mare, South of Bari. It is a stony beach. The ASL had played the Saturday afternoon. The team of municipalizzata urban hygiene of Puglia could not operate on Sunday mornings, although already ‘ ready for recovery activities-is explained in a note-due to the presence of parked cars, up from 6. 00 that prevented access. The recovery was made in the early hours of today: a difficult operation, since the area of stranding is a Cove under the area affected by the landslide and about 6 ft from the road, not accessible by mechanical means. The dolphin, in a State of putrefaction, 2.5 meters long, it was slipped in two big bags, tied to a cable length of up to half on the road, pulled up the road and then loaded with a crane on the means of transport. The area was then disinfected with spraying and soil surfaces with disinfectant (chlorine-based microbicide). . Main facts may be studied visiting the following url.

Cancer screening in the obstetricians and Gynecologists: swabs with smears.

There are emotional disputes in the field of prevention medicine regularly – think of the debates on the controversial value of early detection of prostate cancer or the mammography screening. The Pap test, but so far represented a true constant in this world of shifty and often controversial doctrines – and thus also in the life of German women beyond the 20: who can take the smear examination in the obstetricians and gynecologists in once per year. He takes these cells from the cervix, which you can determine early and early stages of cancer – stages, usually effectively and easily treated can be. Since the test, named after the Greek physician George Papanicolaou that was introduced in 1971 in the Federal Republic, the rate of new cases and deaths by more than 70 percent is to be dropped. Currently women die in Germany per year about 1500 of the cervical cancer. In the 1980s, there were more than twice as many according to the Robert Koch Institute. . Inspirational facts can be found clicking this site.